Silent bonds

I’m sure I’m not the only one who, when the upsetting moment stricks, thinks no one else has gone through or is going through this. No one every experienced what I’m experiencing right now. Not every person gets what it’s like to lose someone. Not every person gets how it feels to be this jealous. […]

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The Choice

Imagine that somebody puts a gun to your head and tells you that you have to run 26.2 miles in under five hours, or else he’ll kill you and your entire family. That would suck. Now imagine that you bought nice shoes and running gear, trained religiously for months, and completed your first marathon with […]

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Beautiful Scars

One night, when I was eight years old, I accidentally rolled off my bed after tossing and turning in a sleep-filled daze. The unfortunate aspect of this middle-of-the-night tumble was that my bed sat a mere six inches away from the dresser. A solid, wooden dresser. With sharp edges. My face hit said dresser, leaving me […]

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